Sequence Industries Flexible Manufacturing

Work Instruction Software to Enable Flexible Manufacturing

Flexible Manufacturing


Do you need a more flexible manufacturing environment?

In today’s highly-variable, customer-driven manufacturing economy, efficiency and production capacity alone are not enough.  These once all-important metrics have now been replaced by the capability to fulfill highly-configured customer demand requiring more flexibility than ever before.  As a result, manufacturing engineers are faced with increasing pressure to provide similarly highly-configured and dynamic work instructions to the shop floor – a nearly impossible task in a paper-based environment.

Deliver the right information to the shop floor!

Sequence allows companies doing highly-configured manual assembly to easily author, manage, deploy and validate the manufacturing work instructions required to build their products.  With integration to an ERP system, work instructions are automatically configured for a specific work order / serial number providing complete instructions and traceability for any build.  Electronic delivery of work instructions via WebSequence Enterprise or WebSequence Breeze to the shop floor means that only one version of the work instructions is available – the RIGHT one. The result is more time shipping product and less time correcting manufacturing errors.  All of this comes at a fraction of the long-term cost of maintaining the same information in an “Office” or paper-based environment.