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Military & Aerospace manufacturers , particularly those subject to AS9100 (see below) regulation, work under some of the most demanding oversight and documentation requirements of any industry.  In many environments, objective evidence of compliance with work instructions is required for customer acceptance of an order and in extreme cases, orders don't leave the dock without it.  Sequence Enterprise offers these companies the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively manage manufacturing work instructions in a rigorous, version controlled environment.

With integration to an ERP or PLM system, work instructions can be versioned to specific work orders / serial numbers providing complete traceability for any build and an easy path to objective evidenceElectronic delivery of work instructions to the shop floor and capture of information against the work order provides detailed records of what, when, where, how and by who a product was assembled.  All of this comes at a fraction of the cost of maintaining the same information in an “Office” or paper-based environment.

Features of Sequence Enterprise of particular interest are:

Operators can view instructions by work order, as well as collect data (see the data collection feature below), eliminating guesswork associated with who worked on a work order, which instruction was used, and any data collected.
For customers that deploy instructions by work order and need to maintain records from operators, Sequence allows the capture of information.  This can include electronic signatures by operator/supervisor or production data like serial numbers, oven temperatures, etc. Tolerances can be set for numeric inputs and used as either a trigger for information to be validated and reentered or to generate a nonconformance.  Data can then be used to provide an as-built record of production for specific products. See "Access Instructions by Work Order" for more detail.
When instructions are accessed via work order, WebSequence allows authorized personnel to issue a Redline change against that work order.  This Redline is immediately propagated through all work orders for the affected assembly and is presented to shop floor personnel as a pop-up notification when the affected instruction is reached.  The Redline remains in effect until the note is handled and the subassembly is republished.
When instructions are accessed via work order, WebSequence allows authorized personnel to approve a one time Proceed with Noncompliance for a unique work order.  The Proceed with Noncompliance information becomes part of the permanent manufacturing history for the affected work order.
When products have multiple options, Sequence will automatically display to an operator the configuration-specific instructions for a given work order. This eliminates operator confusion by only showing the necessary instructions to execute a work order.  In addition, this automates the traceability associated with the variety of ways a configured product can be built.
When instructions are accessed via work order, Sequence Enterprise allows modifications to be made to the affected work order without the loss of any previously captured data.  For example, should a part need to be reworked, the rework work instructions could be added to the work order detailing the complete manufacturing history while at the same time maintaining all previously captured signatures, data, etc.