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Lockstep Features & Capabilities

LockstepPlatformLogo119 2Sharing many of the basic features of WinSequence Enterprise, the LockStep Authoring interface offers the user a one-stop application for authoring visual work instructions.  Designed with rapid, pictorial-based knowledge capture in mind, LockStep allows you to capture information real-time from the shop floor utilizing the "Save & Create Next" and "Direct to Sequence" image capture with supported digital cameras.  Once information has been organized on the graphical instruction tree, PDF work instructions can be created with the click of the mouse.

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The graphical instruction tree is not simply a representation of structured data but an intelligent interface that allows the author to reuse, reorder, rebalance and clone information.  For example, individual text steps can be cloned and modified to reflect unique processes. Note that LockStep does not share the same global routing capabilities as Sequence Enterprise.  Drag and drop capabilities combined with the automatic formatting functionality make  line balancing and updates exceptionally easy.
The graphical instruction tree presents information in an intuitive view representative of the manufacturing process that allows for easy organization and manipulation. At the same time, the intelligent design enforces rules based on the the particular object selected guiding and limiting the author in his work.  This feature reduces the workload to collecting the right pieces of information and putting them into the correct order--we take care of the formatting.
Text steps are created in a text editor designed with just the right amount of functionality. All of the tools are visible on the tool bar and there is no need to search menus for commonly used features.
This built-in picture editor is used to perform common editing functions (including crop, changing contrast or brightness, and annotating** an image with arrows and text callouts. **Picture annotations are always grouped with the image and stored in the picture repository for easy editing.
The integrated editor allows users to perform spreadsheet functions that are most commonly used in documenting work instructions. Spreadsheets can be imported from Excel by simply dragging them from a desktop folder onto the desired instruction.  As with the text editor, the spreadsheet editor has been designed with just the right amount of functionality at your fingertips.
Images are added to an instruction by automatic download when taken on an attached supported camera facilitating real-time knowledge capture on the shop floor.  See System Requirements for supported cameras using this feature.
Pictures are added to work instructions by dragging a picture from Microsoft folders directly onto the graphical instruction tree.
Current step is automatically saved and a new step added to the tree. This feature saves time when documenting step-by-step processes found in manufacturing. This is one of the key features which allows the writer to document the process on the factory floor in one build cycle.


 No need to manually format your documents! In just seconds, LockStep automatically formats work instructions into PDF documents suited for different audiences or purposes. LockStep Desktop comes with 9 industry standard formats while LockStep Free comes with our 2 most popular formats - 8.5 x 11 Standard Work and a two-column Newspaper Layout for detailed work. (see sample PDFs)
Click and pick a format! Work instructions can be printed in a variety of PDF formats including standardized worksheets for veteran employees, or detailed instructions for the trainee. LockStep Desktop comes with 9 industry standard formats while LockStep Free comes withour 2 most popular formats - 8.5 x 11 Standard Work and a two-column Newspaper Layout for detailed work. (see sample PDFs)
LockStep stores pictures and text in a format which uses less than 10% of the space required for the same information in a Microsoft Word Document..

Automatically maintains draft, published, and retired versions of instructions.  Opening any previous version of an instruction is just one click away.
LockStep allows the user to enter version notes reflecting the publishing history / reason for change when a new set of instrucions are released.  
 Advanced search engine to find ANY information (step, tool, part, operation, etc.) in LockStep for reuse in other work instructions.
Advanced cataloging and retrieval functions put specific work instructions at your fingertips in one step. This feature saves the user from manually searching folders in Microsoft Windows.
Folder for organizing shortcuts to commonly used documents.