Digital Work Instructions that
Improve Productivity Are Easy to Update Have Standardized Formatting Make Training Simple

Sequence gives you scalable work instruction software solutions for authoring and deployment that are easily upgradeable as your business grows.

From Free to Enterprise, we have your solution.


A Simple Single-User Solution for Authoring & Exporting PDF Work Instructions


Our Core Solution Used for Quick & Easy Visual Work Instruction Assembly.


A Dynamic Solution for Real-Time Digital Work Instructions


An On-demand, Scrollable, Read-Only Digital Work Instruction Solution

MESUltra Add-On

A MES Integration Solution for Authoring & Deploying Work Instructions

MRPUltra Add-On

An MRP/ERP Integration Solution that Synchronizes Work Instructions with Your Front Office Software

Sequence is a visual work instruction software solution for the manufacturing enterprise needing work instructions that are collaboratively authored, fully integrated with ERP/PLM/MES, and deployed either via pre-formatted PDF or in a real-time, interactive paperless environment.

Benefits of Visual Work Instructions

Standardized Format

  • Easy to Use
  • Step-by-Step Visual Instructions
  • Real-Time Interactive Interface

Improve Quality

  • Fewer Errors, Reduced Defects, & Higher Productivity
  • Better Communication & Collaboration
  • Meet Regulatory Compliance


  • Access to Most Up-to-Date Version
  • Option to Keep Older Versions
  • Provides Tracebility, Identifiability, & Clarity


  • Everyone Who Needs to has Access to Instructions
  • Integrates with Other Systems – MES & MRP
  • Allows Collaboration Between Engineers & Shop Floor

Reduce Waste

  • Option to Go Paperless
  • Easy Access to Up-to-date Files
  • Electronic Manual Data Recording

Approval Routings

  • Ensures Work Instructions are Reviewed & Approved
  • Boosts Efficiency through Accuracy of Instructions Available

Visual Work Instructions
Built to Fit You

Our Enterprise provides flexibility in your work instructions — flexibility in function, scale, and integration options.

It all starts with the database. From there, the core program is the authoring application which helps you create streamlined visual work instructions that can then be exported to a PDF. If you’re wanting to go paperless, you have options for digital views and/or real-time deployment. Our integration modules can be used to share data with other systems. Working with our Enterprise solutions, you can connect the dots between your shop floor and engineering departments transforming your processes.

    SQL Database


    Authoring Module


    Easy PDF Export for Paper


    Paperless Deployment for Production


    Integration to ERP/MRP


    Integration with MES Job-On Functions

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    An Enterprise of Visual Work Instruction Solutions

    Authoring Application to Create & Approve Content

    Our core product. Authors can quickly assemble rich, visual work instructions in a streamlined interface, then export to PDF.

    Digital Deployment of Up-to-Date Visual Work Instructions

    A dynamic electronic work instruction interface between engineering and the paperless manufacturing floor.

    Digital Work Instructions Designed for Highly Repetitive Processes

    An on-demand, scrollable, read-only shop floor access portal for paperless work instruction deployment.

    Author within Sequence, Present within Your MES

    A solution for organizations utilizing Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) that allows integration with the work flow.

    Use BoMs, Ops, & Routings to Create Your Work Instructions Framework

    A solution to ensure your electronic work instructions stay synchronized with your front-office software.

    Sequence’s Single User Desktop Application for Electronic Work Instructions


    with no time bomb



    Path to Enterprise

    Upgrade when you need the Enterprise functionality


    Integrated editors found in WinSequence Enterprise

    Direct image capture with supported cameras

    Automatic formatting to PDF using included stylesheets

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