Work instruction software solution for the manufacturing enterprise needing work instructions that are collaboratively authored, fully integrated with ERP/PLM/MES and deployed either via pre-formatted PDF or in a real time, interactive paperless environment.


Automatic Formatting
Smart Reuse of Common Content
Improved Collaboration

Standardized Format

Easy to Use
Step-by-Step Visual Instructions
Real-Time Interactive Interface

Reduce Waste

Option to Go Paperless
Easy Access to Up-to-date Files
Electronic Manual Data Recording

Electronic Work Instructions

Reduced Non-Conformance
Meet Regulatory Compliance
Increased Customer Satisfaction

Tired of using “Office” software to author “Manufacturing” Work Instructions?

Scalable work instruction software solutions for authoring and deployment that are easily upgradeable as your business grows. From Free to Enterprise, we have your solution.

Sequence Capabilities


Shop Floor

IT Integration

Enterprise Network Application

Multi-User Check-In/Check-Out, Network Collaboration

Easy, Rapid Authoring Interface

Full Revision Control  with Approval Routings

Pre-formatted PDF Deployment with Multiple Standard Format Options (for companies not using Electronic Work Instruction modules)

Direct digital image capture with supported camera

Integrated Editors

Ability to make steps or groups of steps global

Embedded media editor 

Embedded spreadsheet editor

ERP / MES Business Integration for old or current database systems

Enable use with bar code, RFID, for automatic display of instructions

Web-Based, Paperless Deployment

Real-time views, simple user interface, no static PDFs needed

Web interfaces designed for picture-centric instructions

Links to other network docs, videos

Electronic Redline, Nonconformance, Rework

Effective communication between Shop Floor Users and Engineering On Process Changes and suggested Process Improvements


with no time bomb



Path to Enterprise

Upgrade when you need the Enterprise functionality


Integrated editors found in WinSequence Enterprise

Direct image capture with supported cameras

Automatic formatting to PDF using included stylesheets

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