Sequence Enterprise MRPUltra – MRP Integration

The Sequence MRPUltra Add-on imports Bill of Material (BoM), Routing, Operation, and Work Order information from a master system such as MRP / ERP or PLM. Typically run daily during off-peak hours as a scheduled task, The MRPUltra option ensures that your work instructions stay synchronized with your front-office software.

BoMs, Operations, and Routings form the skeleton on which your detailed work instructions can be authored. Leveraging the information in your MRP / ERP system, Sequence allows you to focus on capturing the specific details needed to execute each operation instead of authoring from a blank page. BoM items can be managed by subassembly or by individual operation where they are consumed.


Rapid Start Framework

Author and deploy electronic work instructions faster. Import operations from your ERP/MRP to create work instruction frameworks allowing you to focus on capturing necessary details for each work instruction step.

Synchronize BoMs, Routings & Operations

Import up-to-date information to scheduled tasks forming a continuous feed from your master database. These changes are automatically updated in Sequence, eliminating duplicate maintenance of data.

Enterprise Software Integration

Integrate paperless work instructions with SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Epicor Vantage, Epicor 9/10, Infor Visual Manufacturing, Infor CloudSuite (Syteline), Infor XA, Baan, MAS200, MAS500, MS Dynamics/D365 and many other packages.

Optional Features (With MRP/ERP Integration)

Rework Work Order Management

Sequence Enterprise allows modifications to be made to affected work order without losing previously captured data. Indeed, should a part need to be reworked, the rework work instructions are authored in WinSequence and are tied to the original work order instructions providing a complete device history record of the part.

Work Instructions by Work Order / Serial Number

Access digital work instructions by work order or serial number, collect work order data and obtain instant access to relevant information.


Electronic Redlines

WebSequence allows authorized personnel to issue redline changes that immediately propagated through all affected assembly work orders. Electronic redlines provide instant notification to shop floor personnel.

Proceed with Noncompliance

WebSequence allows authorized personnel to approve a onetime Proceed with Noncompliance for a unique work order logging it as a permanent manufacturing history log in the electronic work order.

Display Specific Instructions for Configured Products

Eliminate confusion when assembling products with multiple configurations. Sequence automatically displays configuration-specific instructions for a given work word and automates traceability.


Shop Floor Data Collection

Capture critical information and maintain records from deployed instructions, production data, and electronic signatures by operators and supervisors. See “Access Instructions by Work Order” for more detail.

Demo MRPUltra Now

Ready to revolutionize the speed and ease of creating digital work instructions? Contact a Sequence representative to discover how MRPUltra can  lower the overall cost of manufacturing, guarantee knowledge capture, and improve the efficiency of your entire manufacturing team.