Breeze – Electronic Work Instructions

Breeze is an on-demand, scrollable, read-only shop floor access portal for paperless work instruction deployment.

Not all manufacturing environments need the suite of functions found in WebSequence.  The Breeze license was designed for highly repetitive processes where the work instruction must be visible to the user, but is more of a reference tool.    

Because the web presentation of an instruction is built in real-time when requested from the database Breeze prevents accidental use of out of date information and does away with the current human process required to keep documents on the server current.

Just as with all of our direct-access deployment methods, Breeze makes only the RIGHT version available to the shop floor.


Real-Time Electronic Work Instructions

Learn more about product options for shop floor users, supervisors, and managers.

Real-time, Controlled Deployment

Fully manage the deployment of electronic work instructions. Deploying work instructions electronically allows real-time updates to the shop floor when they are approved.


Paperless Work Instructions

Eliminate the need to create, track, and update paper documents, as well as the time-consuming tasks associated with updating, publishing, and storing PDFs for online access. View Example

Restrict Operator Access

Provide operators access to only the most recently published version of an instruction preventing costly shop floor errors. The moment a work instruction is approved, it then becomes immediately available for access.

Web-Based Intranet Access

A browser-based portal that allows secure access from anywhere in your facility’s intranet. Designed to work with all current web-browsing platforms, Breeze can be deployed on any browser-ready PC, tablet, or handheld device.

Demo Breeze Now

Ready to revolutionize the speed and ease of creating digital work instructions? Contact a Sequence representative to discover how Breeze can lower the overall cost of manufacturing, guarantee knowledge capture, and improve the efficiency of your entire manufacturing team.