Sequence Enterprise MESUltra – MES Integration

Organizations using a third party or in-house Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) solution, use the Sequence MESUltra Add-on to author work instructions and deploy them electronically to the shop floor as an integrated part of their workflow.

As opposed to offering options for accessing reference documents often authored in “office” solutions, work instructions are authored using the power and flexibility of Sequence Enterprise and presented to the user in an integrated web browser portal within the MES interface.

With the shared workflow knowledge between the MES system and Sequence (part number, revision number, date, etc.), the integrated work instructions are guaranteed to be the RIGHT ones! Information can be accessed for an entire Routing, Operation, or specific Work Instruction Step.


MES Integration

Adapt to dynamic demands and improve efficiency with MES integration. Eliminate mouse clicks in accessing the Work Instructions by making the call for the instruction automatically for the user.


Restrict Operator Access

Provide operators access to the right version of an instruction preventing costly shop floor errors. Also, the Sequence security model only allows users to access instructions for which they have been granted privileges.

Real-Time Updates

Facilitate change management with real-time, integrated electronic work instructions. Updates are pushed directly to the shop floor when new versions are approved.


Cell/Workstation Deployment

Deliver cell or workstation specific digital work instructions with only information relevant to a particular task. No scrolling through lengthy documents to find the right section.

Deploy Multiple Versions / Revisions

The moment a work instruction is approved, it then becomes immediately available for access. But, other versions of instructions can be presented if that is what a work order calls for.

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