LockStep Is LockStep right for me?

Is Lockstep right for me?

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Undocumented processes are limiting the growth of your company?

Creating detailed work instructions with text, pictures and callouts is tedious and time consuming?

Your work instructions are rarely up to date because of time it takes to make changes

Your efforts at writing work instructions have previously stalled because of inadequate software?

You can’t rid your company of its dependence on tribal knowledge because of a lack of good process documentation

Your work instructions need to be more visual but it’s a pain to use pictures?

You have too much scrap and rework because things aren’t made right the first time?

You have to sift through ECN histories or look under the hood to find out how a product was made for a specific customer?

Your manufacturing engineers are spending too much time in production helping to make product because your processes are not well documented?

Your visual work instructions are unmanageable because after adding all of the pictures you would like to use the documents are over 30MB?


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