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WebSequence isn't just paper on glass, but a dynamic electronic work instruction interface between engineering and the paperless manufacturing floor. Sequence makes available only one version of the work instructions - the RIGHT one.  By deploying up-to-date, visually-rich work instructions, a Sequence deployment gives production personnel the best opportunity to build it right the first time.  

When integrated with your ERP system for Work Order specific deployment, WebSequence also becomes a powerful data capture, tracking and tracing portal.  WebSequence can capture 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signatures from operators, line-leads, or supervisory personnel.  Additionally, operators have the ability to either manually enter shop-floor data (numeric with limits, text, pass / fail, etc.) or use USB connected tooling for fast, reliable data entry without the opportunity for transcription errors.

Finally, in that unfortunate, inevitable instance when things don't go as planned, WebSequence is also a dynamic portal for managing the flow and capture of information for shop floor Redlines, Nonconformances, & Rework.

General Capabilities

Deploying work instructions electronically allows real-time updates to the shop floor when they are approved.  This eliminates the never-ending task of updating paper documents and surprises during ISO audits revealing outdated versions of instructions on the shop floor.
WebSequence is a browser-based portal that allows secure access from anywhere inside your facility's intranet.  Designed to work with all current web-browsing platforms, WebSequence can be deployed on any browser-ready PC, tablet or handheld device for on-the-go access on the plant floor.
Operators have access to only the most recently published version of an instruction... guaranteed! This prevents costly shop floor errors. The moment a work instruction is approved, it is immediately available for access.
In addition to traditional pictures, video and/or audio can be played for operators at individual work instruction steps.
Sequence allows you to include links to files on your network for viewing in their native formats; for example, CAD files, material certifications, etc.
Operators can be defined as expert or novice based on their skill level and experience.  Sequence automatically configures the level of detail presented to an operator.
Instead of leaving their station to fill out a paper form, operators can click a "Submit Request" button to provide instant feedback.  New to V3.1 is the ability to include both text and images.  Utilizing the built in camera on select tablet devices (iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Tab), images can be captured real-time during the submission process.  An email is automatically sent to manufacturing engineers containing the request, operator's name, product, specific work instruction step, along with a date time stamp. The affected instructions is flagged up to the subassembly level for ease of access.  Our customers indicate they are now learning more about "unspoken" issues in production.
When an operator attempts to access an instruction after a change, Sequence requires the operator to acknowledge the change before proceeding. Sequence maintains a log of all acknowledgements for all operators.

Adminstrative Capabilities

WebSequence offers administrators of work instructions the ability to review, suggest changes and return, or approve work instructions from any network connected PC.  Accessed through a streamlined "Pending Approval" tab, administrators are 1 click away from any work instructions that are in their queue.
WebSequence allows completely electronic Kaizen events to be conducted from the shop floor.  Using the "Submit Request" functionality, changes including both text and pictures can be sent from the shop floor back to engineering for continuous improvement.  This capability is especially powerful on select tablets (e.g., iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Tab) that have integrated cameras that are enabled for real-time capture of new images during the submission process.  For more information, watch Kaizen Events with iPad2.

Additional WebSequence Enterprise Capabilities When Sequence is Integrated with your MRP / ERP System

Operators can view instructions by work order, as well as collect data (see the data collection feature below), eliminating guesswork associated with who worked on a work order, which instruction was used, and any data collected.
For customers that deploy instructions by work order and need to maintain records from operators, Sequence allows the capture of information.  This can include electronic signatures by operator/supervisor or production data like serial numbers, oven temperatures, etc. Tolerances can be set for numeric inputs and used as either a trigger for information to be validated and reentered or to generate a nonconformance.  Data can then be used to provide an as-built record of production for specific products. See "Access Instructions by Work Order" for more detail.
When compatible tooling is connected to a PC’s USB port, the USB Input Tool is automatically recognized as an HID (Human Interface Device) keyboard device – a standard Windows® driver. No special software is required. A USB keyboard signal converter translates digital display values to keyboard signals. This enables the direct inputting of data into WebSequence. Data capture is much faster than manual entry. Additionally, reliability is increased because transcription errors are eliminated.
When instructions are accessed via work order, WebSequence allows authorized personnel to issue a Redline change against that work order.  This Redline is immediately propagated through all work orders for the affected assembly and is presented to shop floor personnel as a pop-up notification when the affected instruction is reached.  The Redline remains in effect until the note is handled and the subassembly is republished.
When instructions are accessed via work order, WebSequence allows authorized personnel to approve a one time Proceed with Noncompliance for a unique work order.  The Proceed with Noncompliance information becomes part of the permanent manufacturing history for the affected work order.
When products have multiple options, Sequence will automatically display to an operator the configuration-specific instructions for a given work order. This eliminates operator confusion by only showing the necessary instructions to execute a work order.  In addition, this automates the traceability associated with the variety of ways a configured product can be built.
When instructions are accessed via work order, Sequence Enterprise allows modifications to be made to the affected work order without the loss of any previously captured data.  For example, should a part need to be reworked, the rework work instructions could be added to the work order detailing the complete manufacturing history while at the same time maintaining all previously captured signatures, data, etc.