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Sequence Enterprise Work Instruction Software allows companies doing complex manual assembly to easily author, review, approve, deploy and validate the work instructions required to build their products.  Collaboratively authored through the secure WinSequence Enterprise authoring interface and deployed via WebSequence Enterprise, WebSequence Breeze, through your MES portal as an integrated part of your workflow, or as pre-formatted PDFs, Sequence makes available only one version of the work instructions - the RIGHT one. 

The WinSequence Enterprise authoring interface allows users to quickly and efficiently assemble a set ofenterprise win logo 200 2 work instructions. Utilizing the graphical instruction tree, authors can
  • Build an entirely new set of work instructions by manually inserting each element,
  • Leverage existing ‘master’ data in ERP / PLM to create a work instruction skeleton, or
  • Take advantage of the advanced cataloging and retrieval functions of Sequence to build off of previously created work instructions.
Information is easily reused by dragging and dropping previously written work instruction content for modification or by using common routings for families of products.

As instructions are being created, users can take advantage of Sequence-specific features such as

  • Integrated text, picture and spreadsheet editors,
  • “Direct to Sequence” picture addition with a supported digital camera, and
  • “Global” Parts, Assemblies and Tools that can be reused and managed across all processes.
Once information is organized appropriately on the graphical instruction tree, it can be easily and automatically converted to a work instruction for shop floor deployment.  Learn more . . .
For environments that call for rigorous control and circulationenterprise web logo 200 2 of work instructions or require data capture and electronic sign off of completed work, WebSequence Enterprise offers real-time, interactive deployment to the shop floor. Instructions can be accessed through a version-controlled reference library or matched to a specific Work Order for traceability and data capture.  Designed to work with all current web-browsing platforms, WebSequence can be deployed on any browser-ready PC, tablet or handheld device for on-the-go access on the plant floor. Learn more . . .
For environments that have less stringent data capture,breeze logo 200 2 signature and tracking requirements, but still want the efficiency and control offered by electronic access, WebSequence Breeze offers an entry-level alternative.  Presented in a scrollable, read-only standardized format accessed through your favorite web-browser, WebSequence Breeze makes only the latest published version of the work instructions available to the shop floor.  No more worrying about outdated paper copies floating around creating headaches at audit time and errors during a build.  Designed to work with all current web-browsing platforms, WebSequence can be deployed on any browser-ready PC, tablet or handheld device for on-the-go access on the plant floor. Learn more . . .
For organizations that prefer paper copies but are tired of wasting precious time with text-based pdf1packages, instructions can be exported to PDF on-demand using a time-saving, built-in, pre-formatted PDF writer. Automatic formatting to PDF Documents eliminates the need to manually format your documents! In just seconds, Sequence automatically formats work instructions into PDF documents suited for different audiences or purposes. Example formats include Standardized Work (8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17) and Detailed Work (Portrait or Landscape with multiple picture format variations). Learn more . . .
As an enterprise network solution, Sequence can easily import Bill of Material (BoM), Routing, Operation, and Work Orderenterprise mrp logo 118 86 2 information from a master system such as MRP / ERP using the Sequence MRPUltra AddOn. Sequence allows authors to leverage this information as a skeleton to author the detailed work instructions needed to carry out the manufacturing process. Additionally, MRP / ERP integration greatly expands the capabilities of WebSequence Enterprise for traceability and data capture. Learn more . . .
For organizations that have either a third party or in-house Manufacturing Execution Software solution, the Sequenceenterprise mes logo 118 86 MESUltra AddOn allows visual work instructions developed within Sequence to be deployed to the shop floor as an integrated part of the work flow.  Information can be accessed for an entire Routing, Operation or specific Work Instruction Step. Learn more . . .