Single-User Desktop Application

Developed for the manufacturing company needing to rapidly author visual work instructions without the hassle.

Sequence Software Electronic Work Instruction Software

An Enterprise of Visual Work Instruction Solutions

Authoring Application to Create & Approve Content

Our core product. Authors can quickly assemble rich, visual work instructions in a streamlined interface, then export to PDF.

Digital Deployment of Up-to-Date Visual Work Instructions

A dynamic electronic work instruction interface between engineering and the paperless manufacturing floor.

Digital Work Instructions Designed for Highly Repetitive Processes

An on-demand, scrollable, read-only shop floor access portal for paperless work instruction deployment.

Author within Sequence, Present within Your MES

A solution for organizations utilizing Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) that allows integration with the work flow.

Use BoMs, Ops, & Routings to Create Your Work Instructions Framework

A solution to ensure your electronic work instructions stay synchronized with your front-office software.

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